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We've released brand new lightweight UI kit + updates to Untitled UI ✨

Hey everyone, 

As promised a few weeks ago, we have some great news for you all! We’ve released a new update to Untitled UI which includes a brand new lightweight version called Untitled UI PRO LITE.

✨ You can preview the update at

Everyone who has purchased Untitled UI PRO now has free access to PRO LITE with free updates for life.

So, what is Untitled UI PRO LITE?

Untitled UI PRO LITE is a premium and lightweight version of the full Untitled UI PRO kit.

It's 50% lighter, faster, and is designed to include everything you need and nothing you don't. It's perfect for moving fast and for smaller projects! You can preview PRO LITE at

Even better, if you move the example pages to a separate file, PRO LITE is 70% lighter than the full kit!

We hope that it will come in handy next time you have a smaller project or a tight timeframe. Plus, we want to say thanks to everyone who has bought Untitled UI so far by including it for free with this update.

Why did we create Untitled UI PRO LITE?

We're always looking for ways to improve Untitled UI. We spent weeks creating a lightweight little brother to the full PRO version so you now have two options: start with the complete PRO version or ship faster with the PRO LITE version.

Even though it's ~50% smaller than the full PRO version, the new PRO LITE kit is an incredibly robust and powerful UI kit in its own right. It's still more advanced and better value than anything else we've seen.


We have a favor to ask...

We put a lot of time and effort into making Untitled UI better for you. Could you please rate us ★★★★★ on Gumroad when you download the new files? It really helps us out and the more support we get, the more time and resources we can spend on making Untitled even better for you... with free updates for life!

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What’s new in version 2.6

  • Brand new Untitled UI PRO LITE

    • 50% lighter + faster

    • 70%+ lighter if you move example pages moved to a separate file

  • Untitled UI PRO is also 7% lighter

    • 40%+ lighter if you move example pages moved to a separate file

  • Huge new library of 100+ company logos, all painstakingly optically sized proportionally to each other so they line up nicely in your website designs

  • Improvements to almost every page in Untitled UI PRO as we worked on PRO LITE

  • Optimized/improved table components

  • Fixed tab underline sizing issue

  • Replaced all examples in documentation with compressed jpegs instead of layers

  • Removed hidden columns from tables in example pages

  • Added a helpful guide on how to resize logos proportionally to each other

We’ll be publishing future changes to Untitled UI on our new changelog.

Preview version 2.6

You can preview Untitled UI v2.6 via our website here.



View more FAQs here.

I’ve already purchased Untitled UI, how do I access the new files?

After each update, we’ll send you an email (like this one) with what’s new. If you like what you’re reading, you can download the new files:

  1. From your Gumroad library if you made an account 

  2. By clicking “View content” in your original purchase email

How do I update my Figma file with the new updates?

There are three ways to go about this, depending on how you’re working with the file:

  1. Figma recently announced a swap library feature and you can learn how it works here. We recommend making a backup before.

  2. If you’re not interested in everything that’s changed, it’s likely easier to copy+paste any new components into your current file and then simply swap the styles out in those components to your local styles.

  3. If you’re using a copy of Untitled UI as a base for each project, start fresh with v2.5 next time you kick one off!

How do I move the example pages to a separate file?

Moving the included example pages in Untitled UI to a separate is an easy way to slim down the file, helping you to shave 40%+ of the total layers from the file. It's a super easy process:

  1. First, publish your file as a library. The first time you publish a library in Figma can take a while, but subsequent publishes are much faster!

  2. If the publishing fails, don't worry. Just close the file and reopen it, wait a few minutes for Figma to load, then publish again.

  3. Once the file is published as a library, you can simply cut+paste the example pages into a new file and all the links to the components and styles will remain intact.

Can I split up the library?

Absolutely! Figma recently introduced a move published components feature to deal with just this.

This allows you to split up the library into smaller libraries that can be published independently. For example, you may want to split the file into four libraries:

  • Styles and shared components

  • Marketing components

  • Application components

  • Page examples

Why isn’t the library split up already?

Good question! Currently, it isn’t possible to import more than one file at a time into Figma without breaking links to instances in the design system across the files.

Because of this, the file needs to be imported together and then split up into separate libraries (if you want to do that) after it’s imported. Hopefully, this functionality will be introduced soon!


That’s all for now. Thanks for the support. Stay tuned for more updates soon! 🤗

Get the new versionPreview at

We've released an update to Untitled UI PRO + PRO LITE ✨

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